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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
~ Rodger A. Caras

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Serenity Paws Services

At Serenity Paws, various services are offered to our clients that appreciate a customized approach that is as unique as their Dog.

1-to-1 Private Dog Grooming by a Certified Master Canine Groomer
Dog Training by a Certified Family Dog Mediator
Dog Nutrition by a Certified Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist
Reiki by a Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master

Overall, we educate clients to take a Holistic approach so that the Whole Dog is cared for, whether on a physical, mental, or spirit-based level.

Small Dogs with Big Hearts

Shandra specializes in Small Dog Services based on their Unique Needs.

Private Dog Grooming

1-to-1 Private Dog Grooming. As a Certified Master Canine Groomer, Shandra can assist you in finding that unique style to fit you and your Dogs' lifestyles. From complete makeovers to monthly packages in the Salon's zen-like atmosphere, Shandra's 20-plus years will ensure a healthy coat. In addition, she works with Dogs with anxiety, seniors, and Dogs with disabilities to help them get the best groom possible for their needs.

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Serenity Dog Training

Balanced Dog Training

1-to-1 Private or Small Groups Dog Training. Would you like to understand your Dog better and know why they do the things they do? Serenity Paws balanced training courses cover useful everyday behaviours and how to understand and speak Dog. In addition, Shandra offers Home Service private training and small classes to work on socialization and reactive prevention. Finally, Shandra is a Certified Family Dog Mediator, which focuses on the individual Dog.

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Serenity Dog Nutrition


1-to1 Private Pet Nutrition. Nutrition is a vital foundation of wellness. A balanced diet may include everyday kitchen ingredients and how to understand today's dog foods on the market. Learn how to create homemade meals, raw or cooked. Shandra is a Certified Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist currently in studies to complete her Clinical Pet Nutritionist designation. Go beyond Nutrition, learn simple fitness tips for your Dog for your lifestyle.

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Serenity Reiki & Holistic Services

Reiki & Holistic Services

1-to-1 Private Reiki Sessions. Explore other modalities for enhancing wellness for your Dog. Reiki contains two Japanese words, Rei, meaning Spirit, and Ki, meaning Energy. When pain or illness exists, the body's Energy field is out of balance. Reiki assists in balancing the Energy with hands-on healing through touch. A calm state is achieved through a mindful approach to connect heart to heart. Your guide, Shandra is a Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master.

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Contact Serenity Paws

To inquire about Serenity Paws Services or for the next available appointment please send a message. Shandra looks forward to working with you and your unique canine friend.

Serenity Paws

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Do I need an Appointment?
All grooming services are by appointment only. Appointments are generally booked a week or two in advance.

What Grooming Options do you Have?
Shandra offers PRIVATE 1-to-1 sessions, in Salon.

Private 1-to-1 Salon why is it Different?
We simulate the Home Service experience while your Dog is at the Salon. Many dogs are OK with in Salon service that were previously anxious when groomed at other salons. We achieve this by only having your Dog(s) present during the grooming process and keeping a calming atmosphere.

How long does my Dog Stay at the Salon?
Your Dog will only need to be at the Salon for the time frame it takes to complete a groom, usually an hour or less for small Dogs and an hour and a half for medium Dogs. If more time is needed, the groomer will notify you when the Dog is dropped off for its appointment.

Can my Dog Stay at the Salon?
I'm sorry your Dog can not stay for an extended time or the day since seeing other dogs come and go can be an anxiety trigger for some dogs.

Do you Brush Teeth?
I'm sorry brushing only during grooming does not resolve tarter and build up therefore we recommend daily cleaning. You can ask Shandra how you do that.

What Training options do you have?
Serenity Paws offers Private One-on-One Training and Small Group Classes of two to four Dogs.

What do I need before my first Training Session?
You will need special treats and a favorite toy from your Dog's top five list: a four to six-foot leash and an approved collar or harness. Shandra will send you info on selecting your collar or harness and the best options for your Dog's body type and temperament. Additional equipment may be required after the first few sessions.

How long are the one-on-one sessions?
Your first session is 45 minutes, and follow-up sessions are 30 minutes. Remember your Dog does best with 20 minutes or less, so the one-on-one sessions pack in a lot of information for your Puppy or Dog to absorb at once.

Private One-On-One vs Classes which is better?
Dogs are individuals, and so are you. Therefore, both one-on-one and classes have their advantages. When a Dog is just starting to learn, it's often beneficial to have one-on-one sessions. However, it's essential also to have class sessions so your Dog learns to pay attention to you even in a different setting that may include distractions.

What to expect for an in Home Session?
Shandra will come to your home and do an assessment for the first visit and gather information on problem areas you may be having and a list of your goals. At the end of the evaluation, she will provide your first set of homework for that week. It's highly recommended that your home is in a peaceful state during the training session, so your Dog is focused on the tasks being learned.

Is there support throughout the week after a Training Session?
You may contact the Shandra throughout the week if you have questions about the current homework or if a problem pops up with a Dog that you may have questions about.

What Canine Diet plans do you recommend?
This is a complex question, the answer is we recommend food plans based on your Dogs' needs as well as your lifestyle and budget. So it could be kibble, hand-crafted dry, hand-made cooked, or raw diets. As well as any combination of the above.

Raw or Cooked which is best?
Some dogs do great on Raw, some dogs do better on cooked food. There are many factors that go into deciding what is best.

Can I still feed kibble?
The simple answer is yes, you can feed kibble, however we do recommend fresh or home-cooked additions.

Are the diets you recommend balanced?
We adhere to a mininum of NRC balanced food, and endeavor to meet AAFCO standards.

How do I find the food you recommend?
A list of suggested places to get what you need will be provided.

Will you recommend supplements?
Supplements are recommended on a case by case basis. Remember is the food plan is balanced the need for supplements is not necessary.

Which is best, Home Service or Salon?
Your Dog is the best guide, talk to Shandra if you are unsure.

Can this service be done in my home? 
Yes you can have a Reiki session done in your home or at the Salon.

Do I need to provide anything for a Home Reiki Session? 
Provide a comfy dog bed or blanket, perhaps your Dog's favorite spot to lay and most importantly a calm environment. 

For Reiki at the Salon what do I need to bring?
Bring your Dog's favorite bed or blanket, some favorite treats, and leash and collar.

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