Shandra Veitch

CMG, FDM, ACNS, CRM, CPPS Junior Certifier

Shandra Veitch is the Founder and Owner of Serenity Paws Dog Services, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. As a Small Breed Dog Specialist she understands your Small Dog's unique needs.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
~ Rodger A. Caras

Shandra Veitch


Shandra Veitch CMG, FDM, ACNS, CRM, CPPS Junior Certifier

Small Dog Breed Specialist

Shandra was introduced to the dog world at an early age of six and competed in Junior Handling competitions in addition to Show Handling a variety of breeds to Top dog Awards in Canada as well as working for professional handlers on the show scene. Over the decades Shandra's love of grooming emerged and she became one of the first Certified Master Canine Groomers in Saskatchewan. To further her grooming skills she partakes in upgrading her skills by education and dedication to the art form of Pet Styling. Shandra became a Junior Certifier for the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists Association in 2022, which is the only federally registered not for profit in Canada for dog groomers, that has a rigorous training program and certification process to become a Certified Master Groomer.

Shandra's journey into dog behaviour began by participating in dog obedience classes at the age twelve and she completed some obedience titles on her own dogs by competing in CKC events. Shandra's knowledge grew over the years to focus on skillsets needed to live in harmony with dogs she had in her life where an at home balanced approach increased the bond between her and her dogs. The thirst for knowledge led her to obtain the Certified Family Dog Mediator training.

With a family history of working in combination with nature to obtain optimum health it was only natural that she would have a love of herbs, and healing plants as well as a clear understanding that Food is Medicine. This led  to Shandra completing the Certified Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist course while she continues her studies for the completion of her Clinical Pet Nutritionist designation which will be completed in 2023.

Shandra has always followed a holistic approach to her own life and has extended that approach to the animals in her life as well. She obtained her Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master training to assist with working in harmony with the essence of the animals in her care.

Shandra shares her 20 plus years experience to benefit her clients and their canine companions.


    • Certified Master Canine Groomer
    • Certified Family Dog Mediator
    • Certified Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist
    • Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master


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