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1-to-1 Private Dog Grooming ~ Shandra is a Certified Master Groomer who specializes in skin and coat conditions. She is a member of and a Junior Certifier for the Canadian Professional Pet Stylist Association, which is the only Federally registered not-for-profit in Canada for Dog Groomers. With over 20 years of experience, that began in the dog show world and expanded to creating her own unique style in the companion dog world. Shandra is a Small-Breed Dog Specialist, and she understands that small dogs have different needs that are unique to them.

Serenity Paws Dog Grooming

Unique Creative Styling by Shandra

Here at Serenity Paws, Shandra's mission is to educate owners on their Dog's skin and coat and what is considered a healthy trim for that breed. For example, she educates you on the dangers of shaving a coat too short or shaving fur-bearing breeds (double coats). She also works with her clients to help train Dogs for their grooming experience or to help lower anxiety for those who may have had issues. Additionally, she uses her behavior training to help the Dogs and owners understand why some Dogs may be more uncomfortable than others. As a small-breed dog specialist, Shandra understands that small dogs have different needs that are unique to them.

Shandra offers 1-to-1 Private Grooming sessions for your Dog. 1-to-1 Private Salon grooming is done in a calm setting and your Dog only stays for the duration of their groom to ensure a relaxing atmosphere. Most grooms take an hour, depending on the coat condition and size of the Dog, Shandra will provide an estimate of the time needed when your Dog arrives at the Salon. When grooming is complete, all Dogs receive a bed while waiting to be picked up by their owner and are in the same room with Shandra so she can ensure safety and calmness.

Since Shandra endeavours to duplicate the Home service atmosphere with her Salon service, many Dogs find a Salon experience possible with Shandra. Please discuss your Dog's needs with her.


New Clients

Please fill out the intake form. Once Shandra receives it she will contact you to confirm the service you are inquiring about and provide available dates.



Dog Grooming Service List

All new clients must fill out an intake form and send a picture of the Dog to receive an estimate. Please be advised that only new clients with small Dogs are currently being accepted.

Total Makeover
Includes a bath, blow dry, nails filed, sanitary trim, and full body trim. Additional charges may apply.*
(*Price depends on dog size, type of coat, frequency of grooming, and style of grooming.)

$65 - $145

Very Important Pet Packages - V.I.P.
V.I.P. is an excellent program for those with a busy lifestyle or a longer breed-appropriate coat. V.I.P. is every 3-weeks to 4-week program. Available for Toy to Intermediate sized breeds only. Ask for details. Additional charges may apply.*
(*Price depends on dog size, type of coat, frequency of grooming, and style of grooming.)

$45 - $75
Bath & Tidy
This is for the short-coated breeds or great for a puppy's first bath or a senior who needs a cleanup between regular grooms. Additional charges may apply.*
(*Price depends on dog size, type of coat, frequency of grooming, and style of grooming.)
$52 - $75
Pawdicure (Salon Service Only)
By appointment only in Salon. Multi-dog rate is available. We reserve the right to charge more than $10* for additional pets if they are not used to or resist getting their nails done.
(*The multiple pawdicure discount means they must live in the same home, this is not a friends and family program.)
$20 first dog
additional dog(s)
Unique Creative Fun (Salon Service Only)
From Chalk that washes out the first time to Pet Safe approved Dyes. Maybe you want a little bling or fancy feathers. Please be advised that Shandra WILL NOT use coat-lightening products on dogs since they contain ammonia or bleaches that are dangerous for the skin, coat, and your Dog's nose and lungs. These extras will also only be available for dogs whose coats are maintained since they can cause knots and matting if not correctly taken care of between grooming sessions.
$10 - $30
De-matting & De-Shedding
De-matting and De-Shedding rates are based on additional time added to the base grooming fee calculated on extra time spent. Please be advised a severely matted dog will not be de-matted but shaved off, and additional charges will still apply.
$15 and up surcharge


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Frequently Asked Questions

All grooming services are by appointment only. Appointments are generally booked a week or two in advance.

Shandra offers 1-to-1 Private sessions, in Salon.

We simulate the Home Service experience while your Dog is at the Salon. Many dogs are OK with in Salon service that were previously anxious when groomed at other salons. We achieve this by only having your Dog(s) present during the grooming process and keeping a calming atmosphere.

Your Dog will only need to be at the Salon for the time frame it takes to complete a groom, usually an hour or less for small Dogs and an hour and a half for medium Dogs. If more time is needed, the groomer will notify you when the Dog is dropped off for its appointment.

I'm sorry your Dog can not stay for an extended time or the day since seeing other dogs come and go can be an anxiety trigger for some dogs.

I'm sorry brushing only during grooming does not resolve tarter and build up therefore we recommend daily cleaning. You can ask Shandra how you do that.