Dog Training

Certified as a Family Dog Mediator, Shandra doesn't just teach you how to train your Dog; she teaches you how to understand your Dog. All Dogs are born with unique traits that can determine how they learn and communicate with both people and other Dogs. Some influences your Dog experiences are breed traits, environment, past experiences, health needs, and nutrition, which affect how they learn and react to their daily living routines.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”
~ Orhan Pamuk

Serenity Paws Dog Training

Serenity Training

Shandra's mission is to educate owners on their dog's mental, physical, and inherent breed traits that impact training success. As a small-breed dog specialist she understands that small dogs have different needs that are unique to them. Understanding your canine partner is the cornerstone to a bond that creates a mutually beneficial relationship when shaping behaviours. It's a partnership that depends on trust.

All training services come with email support and follow-ups. Puppies should have three sets of puppy vaccines before attending group classes or going out into public areas. Rabies is not a puppy vaccine and is not required. However, proof of vaccines is required for classes at Serenity Paws.

Training based on the S.I.N.G. Principles of Canine Behaviour. Positive reinforcement philosophy that looks at your Dog guided by a Step Approach built on Genetics, Nature, Influence, and Self so that you understand why your dog is the way they are.

S.I.N.G. Dog Training

By understanding your Dog's ability to learn is based on a Foundation of GENETICS and the NATURE of the Evolution of their life cycles in combination with the INFLUENCES that Affect their lives, You and your Dog can discover SELF and live in Harmony. Get ready to SING in Harmony!

SING Overview


Dog Training Service List

 All new clients are required to fill out an intake form.

Serene Puppy Kickstart - 6 weeks (private)
   Puppies 12 weeks to six months
Kickstart is a six-week class for puppies under six months of age. In this course, you get one-on-one instruction that focuses on the basics like leash training, stationary positions, and proper interactions with people within the house and with visitors. We also go over behaviour changes that impact growing puppies. From growing pains, tiredness, chewing on everything, and other fun puppy issues that pop up. This class is held at Serenity Paws. Home Service is an option for an additional fee per visit. Mix and match with  Home Service and at the training facility.


Serene Adolescence - 4 weeks (private)
     Puppies 6 months to 1.5 year
Have you noticed a change in behaviour through the teenage stages? Are you struggling with behaviour problems that weren't there as a puppy? Need a brush up on the basics or maybe have just one or two problem areas such as leash pulling, fear or reactivity? Then this four-week course is for you. There will be additional learning available on any other issues or concerns. 
(Prerequisite: Kickstart or another basics obedience course)

$140 each

Serene Bootcamp - 4 weeks (private)
     Dogs 6 months to 2 years
For dogs that have taken classes elsewhere and are requiring additional assistance. You will learn how to gain control of certain problem areas as well as around distractions such as other dogs and strangers. There will be additional learning available on any other issues or concerns. 
(Prerequisite: Training Classes)
(Please note this is not for a dog that shows aggression.) 


In-home sessions $200

Trick & Treat - 4 weeks (private or small groups accepted)
Time for some fun. build upon your bond with your Dog with some creative ways to stimulate your Dog. Learn some tricks to train that will be fun and may even impress! Maximum of four Dogs per class.
(Prerequisite: Kickstart or Bootcamp)

$140 each

Walk & Train - 4 weeks (private in-home 2 times a week)
Have Shandra come to your home for a Walk & Train session.
For the first three weeks, Shandra will take your dog on a 30min walk and work on basics such as leash training, waiting, calming signals while in public areas, down, leaving it and proper boundaries around others. In the last week, you will get to accompany Shandra and your dog to learn how to maintain and continue with your dog's training.

(Additional weeks may be purchased separately. Home Service Fee included)



Private Training (supplemental training)
Consider private training for dogs with a problem area unavailable in any other program. Examples would be a sudden behaviour change such as peeing in a home, anxiety, pacing, whining, etc. Often problem areas are created at a young age and progress into more significant issues as they age. We start with a consultation session to make a plan to move forward. Then, there are weekly follow-ups as needed. Sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes, a minimum of two sessions is required. Home Service is an option for an additional fee per visit. Mix and match with  Home Service and at the training facility.
(Please note this is not for a dog that shows aggression.) 

$40 per 30-45min session.

Home Services (Convenience Fee)
Home service is for Dogs that need extra care. Shandra assesses each dog based on their unique needs as to whether Home service is required. This service is on a limited basis. 

$15 per session

Homeward Bound Training
There are times in life when you need specialized assistance for a period some time. Shandra takes a limited number of dogs per year for Homeward Bound Training. The dog lives with Shandra while being trained for a month to a maximum of 2 months. Then a transitional period with private lessons while the dog lives at home.
(Please note this is not for a dog that shows aggression.) 

$1,500 per month


Frequently Asked Questions

All training services are by appointment only or as a regularly scheduled class.

Serenity Paws offers Private One-on-One Training and Small Group Classes of two to four Dogs.

You will need special treats and a favorite toy from your Dog's top five list: a four to six-foot leash and an approved collar or harness. Shandra will send you info on selecting your collar or harness and the best options for your Dog's body type and temperament. Additional equipment may be required after the first few sessions.

Your first session is 45 minutes, and follow-up sessions are 30 minutes. Remember your Dog does best with 20 minutes or less, so the one-on-one sessions pack in a lot of information for your Puppy or Dog to absorb at once.

Dogs are individuals, and so are you. Therefore, both one-on-one and classes have their advantages. When a Dog is just starting to learn, it's often beneficial to have one-on-one sessions. However, it's essential also to have class sessions so your Dog learns to pay attention to you even in a different setting that may include distractions.

Shandra will come to your home and do an assessment for the first visit and gather information on problem areas you may be having and a list of your goals. At the end of the evaluation, she will provide your first set of homework for that week. It's highly recommended that your home is in a peaceful state during the training session, so your Dog is focused on the tasks being learned.

You may contact the Shandra throughout the week if you have questions about the current homework or if a problem pops up with a Dog that you may have questions about.