Finding balance in life can be challenging for both You and your Dog. Reiki and Serenity Mindfulness may benefit you both.

Shandra is a Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master

Serenity Paws Reiki and Holistic Services

Serenity Reiki & Holistic Services

Reiki may not always be obvious but there are many potential benefits.

Reiki may help ease pain, boost the immune system, assist in healing after surgery or illness, remove emotional or psychological blocks, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and so much more. Each Dog is unique as to how Reiki will assist them. At times, we as humans want to treat one thing, but Reiki will treat another that may need treatment as a root cause before we can move on to another area.

Most Reiki sessions are done on the floor, a mat or a Dog bed in a quiet, peaceful environment. Some Dogs are reserved at first, which is ok. Reiki can be done hands-on or from a distance. Shandra lets the Dog decide which it would prefer, and quite often, some Dogs will switch to hands-on as a bond is created with Shandra. You don't need a timer to tell you when the session is over. Dogs aren't bashful. They will get up and leave when they've taken in the amount of energy needed.


Service List

 All new clients are required to fill out an intake form.

Reiki Assessment and Session
On the first visit for Reiki, Shandra will go over any of your Dog's health or temperament problems you may be aware of and then do a Reiki session. This will include one follow-up distance session within a week from the initial session.


Reiki Session
After the initial first session, your Dog may require further sessions. These are half an hour or less, depending on your Dog's needs.

Distance Reiki
Distance Reiki is about 15 minutes long, and Shandra can do it without a set time, so no worries if you are away during the session. Shandra will follow up once completed.
Mindful Serenity
Mindful Meditations with your Dog can be done separately from Reiki or combined. Shandra will walk you through the benefits, she will facilitate a meditation with you and your Dog, and provide simple breathing meditation techniques to practice with your Dog at home. Depending on how quickly your Dog settles into a session, this session can take up to an hour.
Home Services (Convenience Fee)
This service is geared towards senior dogs and disabilities that need that extra care and attention or for those dogs that can't handle transportation. This service is on a limited basis. 


Frequently Asked Questions

All Reiki and Holistic Services are by appointment only. Appointments are generally booked a week or two in advance.

Yes you can have a Reiki session done in your home or at the Salon.

Provide a comfy dog bed or blanket, perhaps your Dog's favorite spot to lay and most importantly a calm environment. 

Bring your Dog's favorite bed or blanket, some favorite treats, and leash and collar.

Your Dog is the best guide, talk to Shandra if you are unsure.